Dorpinator API 1.0 docs

Do your GET request at This will dorpinate into JSON.

This JSON will contain the following data:

backgroundimage Link to a background image
backgroundimageauthor Link to license and author information about background image
town A dorpinated town
province A dorpinated province

Official things

You are required to provide the link below when presenting output of this API in your application:

Powered by <a href="">Powered by</a>

You are probably also required to provide credit to the photographer, when using the photograph in backgroundimage. Use backgroundimageauthor to acquire information about the author.

Your application should not do more than a request per second, primarily because I have no idea what sort of performance the underlying infrastructure is capable of. I am uninterested in finding out the hard way.

If the API proves popular, API keys will be enabled and API 1.0 will be deprecated. Drop a line at tehdorpinatorapiborrehnl if you'd like to be kept in the loop about this.